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Questions and Answers

Below you will find answers to many common questions about Rebels Give.

What is #RebelsGive?

#RebelsGive is UNLV's inaugural day of giving. This crowdfunding campaign will span 1,957 minutes, or 32.6 hours, and serve as a high energy fundraising day for UNLV. In honor of our founding year, 1957, and the 61st Anniversary of UNLV we're inviting all alumni, students, faculty, staff and supporters of UNLV to make a gift in support of our students, faculty, staff and campus as a whole. No matter the amount, we invite you to be a part of #RebelsGive!

I'm not an alumnus of UNLV, can I still give?

Of course! UNLV is the university for the entire Las Vegas community and is making strides in becoming a top-tier research institution. Rebels aren't just alumni. Rebels are current students, parents, faculty, staff members and even community supporters. Those who believe in the Rebel spirit and love UNLV should make a gift today!

I already give to UNLV, why am I being asked to give again?

Philanthropic support makes a difference in all areas of campus. We so appreciative of all our current donors, but ask that you consider making a one-time, additional gift to UNLV in order to help us further our progress. There's a lot to be proud of at UNLV, but every dollar helps us to create and enhance the educational experience of everyone on campus and in the Las Vegas community.

What is the goal for #RebelsGive?

Our main goal during #RebelsGive is to help all Rebels understand the importance of philanthropic support for UNLV. No matter the amount you commit to giving, every dollar makes a difference and helps the campus grow, goes to produce world-class research, or helps fund a scholarship for a deserving student. Teaching current, future and former Rebels about the importance of giving back to UNLV is what #RebelsGive is all about.

What should I support on #RebelsGive?

As the nation's most diverse public university we have thousands of funds, programs and colleges that you can support. Consider giving a gift to several areas on campus, any amount can go a long way in providing support to UNLV programs. If you still aren't sure what to give to, consider a gift to the UNLV Annual Fund where your gift will go to the area of greatest need on campus. 

How do I make a gift?

Fill out the form to the left, select the college or program you want to support (you can always support more than one!) and then the fund that is most aligned with what your interests - scholarships, a specific program or any other designation. Can't see what fund you want to support? Select "other" and then fill in the text box with where you'd like your gift to be directed. We thank you so much for your support!

Will I get a receipt?

Yes. Paper receipts will be mailed to your provided address following #RebelsGive. 

Are gifts made during #RebelsGive tax deductible? 

Yes. The UNLV Foundation is a 501(c)(3) and all gifts made during #RebelsGive are tax deductible. 

What if I don't see the fund I want to make a gift to?

You can make a gift to any area of campus, even if it isn't listed. Be sure to select the college/department, if that is unlisted select "annual fund" then in the designation box select "other" and in the text box indicate what area you'd like to support.

Can I make more than one gift?

Absolutely! Make sure to select the "add another designation" button and add as many gifts as you'd like. 

What if the gift amount I want isn't listed?

Just type the amount in the box! Fill in the information below and continue your support for UNLV.

What address should I list?

Be sure to enter the address that is associated with the credit card you're using, otherwise the transaction won't go through.

Do I have to make a gift online?

While making your gift on the website is preferred, we can also take credit cards over the phone or have a check delivered to the UNLV Foundation. Just call 702-895-5374 with any questions. 

Still have questions?

Contact us at rebel.ring@unlv.edu