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Getting a college degree is a huge life step. For many students, it is also their first significant financial investment. The question on the minds of many incoming students and their family is how to balance higher education with affordability. Students who do not need to work are more likely to graduate on time and with better performance. 

Alumni and friends have the ability to turn the dream of higher education into reality for future alumni. Invest in a student and help keep UNLV different, daring, and diverse.

Give your gift to the UNLV Alumni Association’s Fred C. Albrecht Scholarship Fund. 


UNLV Alumni Chapters and Clubs 

UNLV has rapidly grown as an institution thanks to the support of the community and generous alumni. Together, we increase the value of degrees obtained at the institution through excellence in service, being ambassadors in support of the mission, and giving of funds to make UNLV a better place to earn a degree. With an alumni base 120,000 strong and growing, we offer a variety of services and opportunities in support of alumni and their families. UNLV alumni and friends are encouraged to support the values of higher learning through advocacy, involvement, and giving.

As of July 1, 2019, alumni automatically become members of Rebels Forever upon graduation. Rebels Forever is an inclusive membership program for alumni without the membership dues. Every graduate of UNLV is now a Rebels Forever member. The program promotes inclusivity and philanthropy to each and every graduate of the university. We serve all graduates of UNLV and seek to engage alumni in campus life, whether remotely through regional events or on campus through programs and activities that enhance the student experience and enrich the lives of graduates. We host events and activities that prepare students for life after commencement, promote and support UNLV Career Services for students while on campus and for alumni throughout their lifetime, and gather alumni for networking and special experiences that enrich the lives of alumni and their families.


UNLV Rebels Forever Legacy Scholarship

One of the most essential and gratifying ways to give is by supporting scholarships to UNLV students. With state and federal aid able to accommodate only a portion of our growing population, UNLV alumni and supporters can be proud that millions in scholarship support has been provided from the Alumni Association.

Alumnus Greg Morris ’85 English Challenge
Alumnus Greg Morris ’85 will provide a $1,500 gift to the English department once 10 donors make a gift of any size.
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Scarlet Loyal
Alumni who give $100 or more each fiscal year to the designation of their choice at UNLV will automatically be counted as Scarlet Loyal donors.
Alumni Chapters Leaderboard
Which chapter will bring in the most number of gifts. Leading the way to bragging rights!
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VWR International Life Sciences Challenge
VWR is contributing $1,000 to the School of Life Sciences and challenges 25 donors to contribute to Life Sciences!
25 Donor Goal
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Alumni Association Scholarship Challenge
Multiply your gift and join Alumnus David Navarro in supporting the Alumni Association. David will make a gift of $500 to the scholarship fund for the first 10 gifts received!
10 Gift Goal
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Rebels Give - To Alumni
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